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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For the Love of Iris: A Public Service Announcement

I've gotten nothing done for the past several days.


Partly courtesy of Insomnia (the skank), partly due to a sick teenaged whiner son, and partly because I can't stop reading about the life of Iris, the Bearded Wonder.
Everyone should read Iris's shit. Ev.Ree.One.
It takes a LOT to make me laugh out loud. I'm queen of the inner snicker. But this woman has me laughing so hard I actually shot lukewarm coffee out of my nose.
I highly recommend her blog to every mom out there with an appreciation for bad words & toilet humor.
However, if you plan to take your virgin dip into the pool of Iris at Starbuck's or some other public wi-fi access point, I suggest you install a poise pad and a butt muffler in your panties prior to leaving the house. Trust me. I warn because I care.
I'm considering making a t-shirt that says " I love Iris. Her Beard tickles."  I would wear it to PTA meetings if I actually went to those. Yes. I love her THAT much.


I want to be Iris when I grow up.


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