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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A New Day Begins

First off:

Dear Yesterday,
I'm sort of sorry for yelling at you. It was that bitch, Insomnia's fault. She's been dealt with.
The Grumpy Bitch Mom


Good news:

GB's pink eye has improved dramatically. His eyes weren't glued shut this morning! Yay!
His fever has broken and, although his cough is still pretty gross, I see a definite improvement.
I should let you know that my approach to sick kids isn't exactly mainstream. I'm a firm believer in allowing the body to do what comes naturally when invaded by evil germies. FEVERS KILL THE BAD SHIT. I don't give the kids medicine unless they're unbearably miserable or their fevers go higher than 102. OTC cold medicines tamp down the symptoms and make it appear that the kid is better, but in my experience, illnesses are over MUCH more quickly when I let nature take it's course (within reason, obviously).


The Art Show at GB's school last night was incredible! I knew these kids were talented (all his friends are art geeks too), but to see all their work so beautifully displayed was a humbling experience. I can't put into words how incredibly talented some of these kids are. We're talking fancy art gallery good. No joke!


Bad news:
My throat hurts & my eyes are kinda sticky feeling. Thank God my kids are old enough to handle their own shit for the most part, 'cause if this charming illness hits me hard, I'm not getting out of bed for anything but the Rapture or a zombie apocalypse (which I'm really looking forward to, by the way).


All said, today is looking a bit better than yesterday.
On a serious note, I have to say that I'm feeling incredibly blessed right now to have the life that I do. We don't have much money, our house is full of dog hair & clutter, and my chart at Mental Health Services is the size of a fucking encyclopedia. But my mom is my best bud even though we live in the same house, my kids are amazing little creatures who never cease to amaze me with their awesomeness, and I have a couple of TRUE  friends who are incredibly loving & patient with me (have I mentioned that I'm a little nuts?). I have everything I need, & I recognize what a gift that is. Big shout out to God/the Universe/the Aliens/Elvis (or whoever runs this place). Thanks for giving me a kick-ass life.



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