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Monday, June 6, 2011

Princess Potty Mouth

Yesterday afternoon, my 11 year old angel, the Goddess of Grump, said "fuck".

We were in the car, en route to yet ANOTHER store in search of  shoes for her 6th grade promotion ceremony, when she dropped the F-bomb. I honestly can't even remember what we were talking about because my short-term memory  took a big dump the moment that word passed her innocent little lips.

The conversation (to the best of my recollection):

Me: blah, blah, blah...
GoG: blah, blah, blah, fuck, blah, bla...
Me: Did you just say "fuck"?
GoG: Yeah.
Me: *giggle*
GoG: What?
Me: You said "fuck". *more giggling*
GoG: Well, you & GB (my 18 year old son, Genius Boy) say it all the time.
Me: Yeah, I guess we do. I just didn't expect that word from you so soon. *yet more giggling* 
GoG: I say it in front of a couple of my friends and they say it too.
Me: Ah. Ok. Do you say it in front of their parents?
GoG: No.
Me: Small children?
GoG: No.
Me: The elderly?
GoG: No!
Me: Ok. I don't care if you say it at home when it's just family & GB's friends, but NOT in front of Grandma!!
GoG: Ok.
Me: Don't say it in public, in stores, at school, or at your friend's houses. Don't text, email, or post the word in your status.
GoG: Ok. *turns radio up*

Both: *sing along with Rolling in the Deep by Adele*

GoG: *turns radio down* What did she just say there? I can never understand that part!
Me: "Shit". "I'll lay your shit bare."
GoG: Why did it sound funny?
Me: They jumble up the sound because they're not allowed to say "shit" on the radio. Or "fuck" for that matter.
GoG: Oh. *turns radio back up*
Both: *sing along some more*

-new song comes on-

GoG: *turns radio down* I don't like this song.
Me: Me neither.*giggle*
GoG: What?
Me: You said "fuck".
GoG: *giggle*

-end scene

Later on that evening, we had a decent discussion about WHY it's important to watch your language. I told her it basically boils down to respecting others by not using language that they may consider offensive. She seemed to get it. That reasoning worked years ago with GB, so I don't think my lil' princess potty mouth will be poisoning the ears of the neighborhood munchkins anytime soon.

Then we snuggled and watched Four Brothers. We love Jackie.


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